What is SoccerRockz Street Games 

What is SoccerRockz Street Games ⚽️💥

Supervised football in the streets!

Matches are overseen but rules are minimal (No Fouling). Two mini goals, no throw ins, corners or goal kicks,

Emphasis is on creativity, imagination and practicing skills.

Players ability levels are matched as close as possible to ensure a competitive game

Builds confidence on the ball
Develops skills
Improves fitness
Encourages creativity
Social development amongst peers

Enhances resilience by learning to adapt to different situations.

Experience the Buzz of Street Football

What is Street Football?

Street football is a fast-paced, urban style of play that emphasizes skill, creativity, and teamwork. It's all about having fun and honing your football skills in a unique environment.

Benefits of Street Football

Street football helps improve agility, decision-making, and adaptability on the field. It's a great way to stay active, socialize, and build confidence through the beautiful game.

Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills, meet new friends, or simply have a blast playing football, SR Streets is the place to be. Sign up for our street football sessions and take your game to the next level!