Albie Doran -

Joined SoccerRockz at 3 Years of age, Albie was an integral part of our SoccerRockz Alphas team. Albie has incredible work ethic and a burning desire to improve. He has been playing for Birmingham City FC since he was 6 years of age. Albie often returns to SoccerRockz to help with events and encourage the younger players to pursue their dreams..

Reggie Jackson -

A real shooting star! One of the fastest players we’ve ever seen at SoccerRockz. Skilful, Tenacious and Determined. Reggie’s love of football is the reason his development accelerated at such an incredible rate. We are excited to see his progress and we are proud to have helped him along the way!.

Charlie Evans -

A star player in our SoccerRockz Brazil team. Cool, Calm & Collected, a John Stones in the making. Charlie is a pleasure to coach, always keen to take on a new challenge and apply himself with 100% effort. Charlies attitude is a coaches dream and we are such he will go on to achieve amazing things!.

Archie Skelsey -

Joined SoccerRockz at the age of 3 years. Archie is a naturally talented footballer with a true playmaker style. He is has a fantastic footballers brain, often seeing things others don’t. Archie is always smiling and is a real pleasure to work with. We are excited to see him development with his hometown club.

 Lewis Mukarati -

 Lewis is a coaches dream, a hard working player, determined, athletic and eager to work on new skills. Lewis has the potential to become a very talented player and progress through Academy football at a ferocious speed. Lewis was a key player in our SoccerRockz Argentina team and is widely regarded as one of the best defensive players of his age.

Ettienne Ruddock -

Came through SoccerRockz Totz to become one of SoccerRockz Brazil’s star men. Easily one of the most naturally talented boys we’ve ever seen. Skilful, Aggressive and determined to be the best!. Etty is the master of his own destiny, the sky is the limit. We are all behind him and are willing to see him succeed. A true SR Legend!.

Harry Thompson 

Often referred to at SoccerRockz as the ‘Iniesta’ of grassroots football. A truly gifted player with the world at his feet. Harry is quiet and lets his skills do the talking. Harry has always been one pass ahead of the players around him, he sees things others don’t. Harry is always a pleasure to coach and his attitude to learning is testament to his progress into Academy football..

Elyseo Ruddock -

Younger brother of Etty and another incredibly talented boy. Affectionately known at SoccerRockz as Lou Lou, a perfect example of patience and working hard in silence. Lou is a Q4 birthday, meaning he is one of the youngest players in his age group. This certainly does not hold him back, we are all incredibly excited to watch him on his journey as he represents the mighty Sky Blues!.

Luke Lanaghan -

One of our first ever SoccerRockz Super 6’z. Luke represented our SoccerRockz Juventus team in 2019 before progressing into Grassroots football. Luke’s determination and his incredible willingness to improve, finally got its rewards when he was offered a contract with Aston Villa FC!. Watching Luke take on the biggest clubs in the Premier League on a weekly basis makes us incredibly proud to have helped him on his journey.

Spencer Skelsey -

Younger brother of Archie and affectionately known to us as Spenny. A true SoccerRockz boy through and through. Spenny has an incredible eye for goal and is learning to become a fantastic all round forward player. He has been playing above his age for many years and his tenaciousness and willingness to improve has allowed him to thrive at his own age. Spenny is widely regarded as one of the best local players at his age!. We are excited to watch his progress and development in Academy football.

Trae Farrells -

Joined SoccerRockz at 5 years of age. One of the original SoccerRockz Super 6’z. Trae is lightning quick and is a deadly finisher he has worked his way through the grassroots game before proving his talents to Leicester City Football Club. Trae is a politely, friendly and willing to learn. He is a fantastic example of how hard work and determination is recognised by professional clubs who see the huge potential in a player!. We are proud to have helped him along the way

Lyle Pollock -

A true SoccerRockz superstar, dedicated, determined and ambitious. Lyle has not only played a year above himself for many years, he has excelled. Lyle is fearless and plays with freedom and creativity. Not only does he score goals but he assists many more. Lyle is always willing to learn and is a pleasure to coach. We wish him all the very best on the next stage of his footballing journey, we are right behind him!.