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SoccerRockz Summer 2019 Tournaments

The photos - over 1100 of them - are officially ready to go courtesy of our photographer Mikey!! Well done to the 16 trophy winners across the weekend: ⚫ Invitational U6 World Cup: Pelsall Villa Panthers ⚫ Invitational U6 Copa America: Aspley Guise Vikings 🔵 Three Lions U6 World Cup: Copsewood Comets 🔵 Three Lions U6 Copa America: SoccerRockz Holland ⚫ Invitational U7 World Cup: SoccerRockz Alpha’s ⚫ Invitational U7 Copa America: Saffron Dynamo 🔵 Three Lions U7 World Cup: Solihull Moors 🔵 Three Lions U7 Copa America: Rugby Borough Eagles ⚫ Invitational U8 World Cup: Hampton ⚫ Invitational U8 Copa America: Cov Sporting Juve 🔵 Three Lions U8 World Cup: Atherstone Rangers 🔵 Three Lions U8 Copa America: Stourbridge Town ⚫ Invitational U8 World Cup: Global FA Santos ⚫ Invitational U8 Copa America: FFA Lions 🔵 Three Lions U9 World Cup: Top Score Raptors 🔵 Three Lions U9 Copa America: Burbage The link to all photos can be found here You can’t download them directly when viewing on your phone but you can if you go onto a PC or a laptop. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did taking them! Bring on 2020!!!!!!!

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