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SoccerRockz Blues Cup 2017

On Saturday 23rd December, in association with Birmingham City FC Academy, we hosted our final event of the year! Over 120 children from 18 teams across the region joined us inside the fantastic dome at Blues’ Wast Hills Training Ground.

As expected the children arrived full of excitement and in high spirits with Christmas just 2 days away!! Their energy shone through on the pitch, with each of the 45 games averaging over 3 goals per game and no end of skilful moments.

The day was fantastic from start to finish, children enjoying their football, bundles of parents & relatives lapping up the festive atmosphere and ‘Now Christmas’ on repeat over the sound system for 10 hours straight…much to the delight of the Blues Academy staff who were in attendance throughout!!

A huge thank you to BCFC for the use of their facility and the selection boxes for the kids, you can never have enough chocolate after all! And yet another thank you to Kieran Doran Rendering for sponsoring our medals ceremony for the 2nd time in a month.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to seeing you all in 2018! Click here for the full photo set!

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