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SoccerRockz meet Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC

The weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017 will no doubt go down in history as one of the most amazing experiences we have encountered since the launch of SoccerRockz in 2010.

Liverpool FC

Excitement had been building for some time and we could not wait to visit the Academy facilities of two of the biggest clubs in World Football. At 1pm on Saturday 21st October we arrived at the incredible Liverpool FC Academy. We met with our good friends from Birmingham City FC Academy, who had kindly asked us to join them in a 6 Team, round robin competition. This included some of the most talented players from across the Midlands, and as expected some of the strongest players from the North West.

After the announcement of Storm ‘Brian’ we were delighted to discover that the event would be held in the Very impressive, indoor football dome. The SoccerRockz boys were in high spirits and clearly enjoying the experience. The day included 5 x 15 minute matches, the football was fast and furious, with a selection of incredibly talented young footballers on display. As ever the SoccerRockz boys were in great form and not in any way phased or overwhelmed. The boys were up for the challenge and keen to show that they were made of tough stuff.

Overall the day was a huge success and not only did they receive some excellent feedback from both the Liverpool FC and Birmingham City FC coaching staff, they also made their parents and managers extremely proud.

Manchester City FC

On Sunday 22nd October 2017 our SoccerRockz boys travelled the short distance across the M62 to Manchester City FC Academy. This in football terms is considered possibly the best football facility In the World. The Academy was incredible, state of the art equipment and our boys were treated to a insight into where dedication, effort and hard work could maybe one day take them.

The fixture sounded crazy!! Manchester City FC vs SoccerRockz, this just proved how special this group of players have become, the boys raised their game and took the occasion in their stride. The team played with confidence and a desire to show that they were a force to be reckoned with. Yet again the matches were end to end, with very little separating the two teams. The attitude of the SoccerRockz boys was excellent they consistently worked hard not only as individuals but also collectively as a team. We could not have asked for more from the team over the two days.

We would like to thank all of the Children, Parents and Family members who helped ensure this was a successful weekend for everyone. These are experiences that the boys will reflect on in years to come!

A special mention must go to our very own ‘Super Kev’, who with his tenacious and proactive desire to provide our SoccerRockz players with the very best Football experiences he can, has produced some wonderful memories for everyone involved!

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