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SoccerRockz U'6 Summer Tournament 2017

Sunday 2nd July 2017 saw the start of our SoccerRockz Summer Football Tournaments. We welcomed 24 teams from across the Midlands.

The sun was shining, the pitches were freshly mowed and all preparations complete. Excited players and parents began to arrive from 8:15am, some of which were experiencing their first ever football tournament. This was sure to be a fantastic day ahead.

Teams were placed into 4 groups of 6 playing across 6 pitches, all competing for the World Cup, European Championship, Copa America Trophy, Champions League Trophy, Premier League Trophy, and FA Cup. Although this was classed as a competitive competition, the focus firmly remained on having Fun. Every child would leave the event with a Medal or trophy to remember a very special day.

After completing the group stages, the group winners progressed through to the World Cup Finals, with 2nd place heading to the European Championships, 3rd into Copa America, 4th into the Champions League, 5th into the Premier League, 6th into the FA Cup.

Each individual tournament now had 4 teams with 2 semi finals taking place, the winners moving into the final and a play off final for the runners up.

Congratulations to the winner of the Individual events, but most importantly well done to all the children who took part and gave all their families some wonderful memories.

World Cup - SoccerRockz Barcelona

European Championship - Saffron Dynamos

Copa America - Bedworth Warriors

Champions League - SoccerRockz Juventus

Premier League - Hawkesmill

FA Cup - Wednesfield Bucaneers

The Tournament was a huge success and we even made sure the girls did not miss out, with the Bouncy Castle, Ellie our SR face painter and as always Adriano our Ice Cream man. To add a little more excitement to the day, we were even joined by a swarm of wasps who momentarily hovered over head. They could clearly see how much fun we were having and thought they would pop in, luckily very briefly!!!.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for such a fantastic day, we hope you enjoy the wonderful pictures provided by our SR photographer Magic Mikey.


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